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Popular Designers Jewelry Trends in Pakistan

Designers Jewelry: In this era designer jewelry has become the very important thing for both, the men and for women. The main reason of this is due the status concern because every one wants to be superior due to their unique jewelry designs. On any event jewelry is an important accessory. More Details :-  

Popular Designers Jewelry Trends in Pakistan


Mazeeha Ziyani Mehndi Designs Latest Collection 2012

Latest Mehndi Designs 2012 Summer Collection: Mazeeha Ziyani is a mehndi artist, not especial seeing binge mehndi luxuriate in Eid, further connubial but again considering wearisome further formal designs. coed is a denizen of cash Province, Matale, Sri Lanka. Her ill temper through Mehndi crafty is peculiar as daughter was 13 when cutie contemporary hoopla on mehndi scheming

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Summer Fashion News - Ankle Bracelets

Summer Fashion News - Ankle Bracelets:-Adornment to the body dates back to the earliest of times. Rings, necklaces, and bracelets, arrayed on the body, from the ears to the ankles and everywhere in between, have been used as decorations by both sexes. Jewelry like the ankle bracelet may be merely for beautification and decoration or it may take on specific cultural and societal implications and meanings.

In this modern day and age, the wearing of jewelry is much more commonly associated with women, though men are known to outfit themselves with many types of jewelry as well. Popular jewelry can range from the simple, delicate chain, to the outlandish and rare pieces, and can adorn just about any part of the body. The anklet is a piece of jewelry that while has been around for thousands of years, is making a popular comeback.

Ankles are not necessarily the first spot a person thinks to adorn themselves when they begin to put on jewelry. However, the ankle is a perfect location for bracelets, as the foot provides a nice barrier to keep the jewelry in place. One might even say the ankle is like the wrist of the lower half of the body and as such deserves as much embellishment.

Bracelets around the ankle is very common in numerous Eastern cultures. One site, in what used to be part of the great Persian empire, many anklets were found along with all sorts of other trinkets. India is a country whose people are often associated with this piece of jewelry. While both men and women wear them, they are more often associated with women, especially new brides. Anklets are a practical and thoughtful gift for Indian brides and the tinkling sound of small bells on the ankle bracelet usually announces the arrival of the bride to her husbands home.

In the US, dressing up the ankle is a much more contemporary idea of fashion. In the 1950's, as women began to wear shorter skirts and roll down their socks, small chains could often be seen decorating their ankles. While bare feet and ankles were more acceptable in Eastern cultures before the turn of the 20th century, such was not the case in Western cultures like the US or England. Since the skirts of women generally covered their ankles, there was little need for accessories below their skirts. So in some ways, the anklet may be associated with the liberation of women and their espousal of a freer fashion for women. Now as legs are often as exposed as the arms, women find the need to adorn them as well.

Like other jewelry, these bracelets come in an array of types and forms. Ranging from strings, straps, and chains to intricate pieces with precious stones and metals, the anklet is a piece that draws attention to the foot whether it is by itself or one of many. In India, small bells often tinkle from around the ankle, while in the US many choose to adorn theirs with charms. With the ankle, anything goes.

Jewelry is an expression of the person wearing it. How they wear it is an extension of their personality. Many see the ankle as a trendy or popular area for younger people or those who have a more hippie lifestyle. It is easy to see how the ankle may be forgotten, even though it can be quite alluring. The ankle bracelet is a piece of jewelry that can really liven up an ankle or foot, be elegant or outrageous, and stand the test of time.

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Fashion News - Types of Silver Jewelry

Latest Fashion News - Types of Silver Jewelry:-Nowadays, the precious metal that is used the most for the purpose of creating jewelry is silver. Most number of women and men from around the world admire jewelry that is made from this valuable metal. This is not surprising because ornaments made of silver jewelry are quite affordable, trendy, lustrous and available in a huge variety of designs. These ornaments are elegant and have an intrinsic appeal that is difficult to ignore.
Ornaments made of silver that are available in the market are usually made of kinds of silver which are commonly used. The jewelry that is made from a particular type of this valuable metal is referred by the name of that type. Jewelry made from pure silver is called pure silver jewelry.
The different types of silver that are used to make jewelry that are very popular nowadays as follows. Pure silver has 99.9% silver. This kind of silver is very soft and has a glossy finish. Because of its softness, it is extremely malleable. This is why it is used for crafting handmade silver jewelry like earrings, necklaces, bangles, etc. This type of silver is used to create jewelry having elaborate patterns which is not possible in jewelry made of other metals.
Sterling Silver consists of 92.5% silver. It is very hard. It is an extremely popular type of silver that is used for creating jewelry, nowadays. Accessories made of sterling silver like chains, earrings, bracelets, rings, necklaces, bangles and so on are made with the help of different kinds of methods of embellishment like chasing, engraving, filigree and inlaying. Ornaments made of sterling silver has a '925' mark which proclaims authenticity of the metal.
German silver is also known as alpaca silver. It is an alloy made of a combination of zinc, nickel and copper. Jewelry made of this type of silver is known primarily for its resistance to corrosion, durability and toughness. These ornaments usually consist of adornments that are not worn on the body. The reason for this is that these items of jewelry contain nickel which causes allergies in certain people. Pendants, earrings and necklaces are the main varieties available in this specific type of jewelry.
Silver gemstone jewelry are ornaments made of silver but they are named so because they are studded with gemstones and form a separate class. Ornaments made of silver look charming, attractive and unique when gemstones are blended in. This results in an increase in their elegance as well as value. All types of ornaments are made under this type.
A huge variety of gems and gemstones are made use of in order to create Silver gemstone jewelry. The gems that are commonly used are sapphire, emerald, pearl, topaz, ruby, amethyst and turquoise.
Oxidized silver jewelry is oxidized purposely in order to give it an austere, antique and dark look. Many people find it strange that the truth is that the oxidation defect gives silver ornaments and appearance that is attractive. Many people love to adorn themselves with silver oxidized jewelry as one can come up with unconventional and new designs in ornaments of this type. The different accessories that are created in silver oxidized jewelry are bracelets, ear rings, toe-rings, necklaces and rings.
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Author is expert in jewelry and is working over 15 years in jewelry business. The production company (Silver.Ag), he works for, physically stock over 114.000 pcs of jewelry to be able to dispatch online orders within 24 hours. The author provides unique, online jewelry expert help (free of charge service) on company's homepage.

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